Where else can we go?

Where else can we go?

Feb 26, 2011

Passage: John 6:58-71

Preacher: Steve Rowe

Series: Spending Time With Jesus


You see, life was not meant to be lived this way. The life we were meant to live has been destroyed, all but forgotten… oh, but there’s one person who was there at the beginning… who was there when it was perfect… and because He was the Creator God, the original and only King of the Universe, He has the power to restore what has been lost.

And this set up creates a crisis… what if those in need are offered the solution for that need, what will be their response?

Well, that’s the exact scenario we have been studying the past few weeks, so let’s rejoin John’s retelling of this story from chapter 6 of his gospel, beginning in verse 58…