Real Life – May 13, 2022

05.13.22 | Lakeland Times Article | by Steve Rowe

Real Life – May 13, 2022

    Real Life -- Lakeland Times -- May 13, 2022

    Real Life with Pastor Steve

    May 13, 2022

    “Show your work.” ~ Every Algebra and Geometry teacher I’ve ever had.

      Do you remember those days?  You could figure out the answer in your head.  It could be as easy as pie, but… you had to show your work.  I always wondered why.  But as I’ve gotten older… I’ve come to realize this.  It is about a process, and how to figure something out.  It is about a “way” of doing things, not just being the smartest one in the class.

       Well, in a very similar way… that applies to our lives in all sorts of ways.  In how we love our family… in how we succeed at work.  And yes… it applies to anyone who follows Jesus.  The Apostle Paul pretty much said… “show your work.”  His exact words were “work out your salvation.”  He did not say work “for” your salvation.  But work “out” what is already there. It’s not enough just to know it in your head.  Your life should support the answer that you profess to hold on to. And then he details why.  Because this world is often such a dark place, you get to be a light… a place of hope… a word and action of love… a people that aren’t whining and complaining all the time.  You get to follow the example of Jesus, and point people to Jesus. So… I get it now.  And I do not get it right every day.  But may we all… “show our work.”  And that’s …real life. ~ Pastor Steve – Eaglebrook Church

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