Real Life - March 22, 2024

03.19.24 | Lakeland Times Article | by Steve Rowe

Real Life - March 22, 2024

    Real Life -- Lakeland Times -- March 22, 2024

     Real Life With Pastor Steve

    March 22, 2024

    Bridal veils on a wedding day are a novel idea, full of rich symbolism… but they are not meant to be permanent.   They are meant to be removed to enjoy the life beyond the veil. ~ Steve Rowe

      Veils cover things, make things more difficult to see, and a wedding veil would certainly hamper the groom from being able to kiss the bride!  There is so much beauty behind the veil, so much life to be lived and shared… veils were meant to be temporary, a symbolic barrier that needs to be removed in order to fully embrace the next season of life.   

      And most of us get that when it comes to weddings… but how about when it comes to God.  The God of the Bible deliberately wore a “veil” so to speak from the time of Abraham until Jesus.  There was a special place called the “Holy of Holies” in the Temple, where the presence of Yahweh dwelt… but separated by a rather large veil… a four inch thick veil.  It was a visible sign of separation between God’s holiness and our brokenness and sin, and the need for forgiveness to enter in.   But it was only temporary… for the day Jesus died on the cross… the veil of the Temple was torn from top to bottom.  Forgiveness secured, relationship restored, beauty rediscovered.  Let’s cast off religion, and enjoy the life that is now available with God, beyond the veil!  And that’s … real life. ~Pastor Steve Rowe – Eaglebrook Church


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