Real Life - December 31, 2021

12.31.21 | Lakeland Times Article | by Steve Rowe

Real Life - December 31, 2021

    Real Life -- Lakeland Times -- December 31, 2021

    Real Life with Pastor Steve

    December 31, 2021

    I thank my God every time I remember you. ~ The Apostle Paul to the Philippians

       As we move into 2022, many things have changed in the last year or so.  We’ve all had to learn to adapt, be flexible.  In a very real sense, we’ve all had to change too, and make changes in our lives to meet the challenges we all face.  Well… one of the changes that our church is having to make… is to discontinue this weekly ad that we’ve done now for 14 years.  Fourteen years… that’s a lot of history… a lot of relationships.  Which is why I started this off with a “thank you.”  Like the Apostle Paul, I truly thank God every time I remember you.  I want to thank Heather Holmes, Sasha, Yvonne, Tony, and the entire staff of the Lakeland Times – who have been extraordinary over the years, and amazing to work with.  I want to thank the readers of the Lakeland Times, who have been so kind and encouraging over the years.  I want to thank my church family for investing in this for the last 14 years.  I will continue to pray … that we all see the scriptures in a way that connects to real life.  That we see Jesus as the way to that life.  Don’t worry, we are not going anywhere.  And one day, this ad may return. Until then, we will continue to pray for all of you.  Thank you Northwoods community! And that’s … real life. ~ Pastor Steve Rowe – Eaglebrook Church

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