Real Life Article -- June 7, 2024

06.04.24 | Lakeland Times Article | by Steve Rowe

Real Life Article -- June 7, 2024

    Real Life Article

    Real Life

    With Pastor Steve

    June 7, 2024


    No!  I’m not going to do that!  ~ spoken by nearly every kid at some point in their lives.

      It could be in response to simple requests… like “clean your room,” “brush your teeth,” “take out the trash,” “pick up your sibling from school or practice.”  And it goes on and on.  It’s not an earth-shattering request, but yet… for whatever reason there’s this stubborn defiance.  But in the end, either the child gives in to what was asked… or there are usually consequences. 

      What’s interesting, is that adults aren’t that much different sometimes.  Your boss or supervisor tells you to do something.  It’s not wrong, illegal, immoral, or unethical… but you just don’t want to do it.  Sometimes you refuse.  But what usually happens?  Either we wind up complying eventually… or there’s consequences.

      Well, the same thing happens with a guy named Jonah in the Bible.  God asked Jonah to go and minister to a nation outside of his people. His response?  A big fat “NO!”  He even sailed in the opposite direction.  And we all know what happens.  Jonah gets swallowed by a whale, and somehow survives… giving him a second chance to change his answer.  This time, he says “yes.”  May we learn, that when God, (or our boss, or our parents) ask something of us… may we have a willing heart that says “yes,” rather than a stubborn heart that always says “no.”  And that’s … real life. ~Pastor Steve Rowe – Eaglebrook Church


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