Real Life - May 10, 2019

05.10.19 | Lakeland Times Article | by Steve Rowe

Real Life - May 10, 2019

    Real Life -- Lakeland Times -- May 10, 2019

    Real Life with Pastor Steve

    May 10, 2019

    Each one of us is part of a bigger story… brought into this world by someone we call “mother” or “mom.”

      Good moms pass down their values, their heritage and culture, their love, as well as their hopes for their children.  They do it by example, and they do it through instruction.  They lovingly correct you when you are out of line, they heal the bumps and bruises we experience, offer comfort when we need it the most, and provide wisdom as grow older ourselves into adulthood.

      In a very similar way, the Apostle Paul (who obviously was not a “mom” – LOL), had been doing all that for a struggling church in Corinth. And as he reaches chapter 15, he reminds them (and us) of our connection to this bigger story.  That our connection to this greater story, and where we are in the story, matters.   He reminds us of things that are important to know and live by… and that we too are to pass down.  It gives us purpose, meaning, an identity, and a future.  I am grateful that Paul took the time to write this letter, and chapter 15 in particular. 

      I am also grateful for all the moms out there who have tirelessly done that for oh so many years.  You are valued and appreciated!  On that note, I think I will go call my mom now and say “thanks… and I love you.” And that’s … real life. ~ Pastor Steve Rowe – Eaglebrook Church

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